Off-grid solar rechargeable household inverter – Fast Charging, big charger 50A & 100A


  • High Reliability: Advanced digital automatic control technology ensuring power durability and reliability
  • Wide Range of Environmental Adaptability
    • Wide input voltage and frequency range avoid frequent switching. High input frequency range, easy access to all kinds of generators. Intelligent charging mode.
    • Shutdown charging function.
    • Three-step charging mode.
  • LED + LCD Display Mode
    • LED display: AC,PV, Inverter output, fault, charge, battery low.
    • LCD display: input voltage, input frequency, output voltage, output frequency,  battery voltage,  PV input voltage,  solar  charger, full load, temperature, failure.
  • Full Electric Protection Function:
    • Inverter short circuit protection.
    • Battery overcharge protection.
    • PV solar module polarity reverses connection protection.