High efficiency solar panels

FE-SOL P645-670-HM132 series is produced with high efficiency multi-busbar cells, which can reduce the module internal power loss to improve its conversion efficiency, as well as lower the failure risk caused by cracks and broken busbar to enhance the module reliability Combined with half-cell technology, the module is highly resistant to hot-spot crisis caused by shadow effect.


  • High Reliability: Multi-busbar technology can effectively reduce the reliability risk caused by cells cracks and broken busbar.
  • Anti-PID Resistance: Prominent anti-PID performance reduces the power degradation, leading to higher energy yield and lower LCOE.
  • Durability Against Extreme Conditions: Certified to resist high salt mist and ammonia conditions.
  • High Efficiency: Multi-busbar technology can reduce the module internal power loss to improve the module conversion efficiency significantly.
  • Low-Light Performance: With high transmittance and anti-reflective 3.2mm tempered glass,the module has stronger performance under low light circumstances.
  • High Mechanical Strength: Certified to withstand: high wind load(2400Pa) and snow load(5400Pa)