INDUSTREC Industrial Rectifier for Stationary Battery Systems

INDUSTREC Industrial Rectifier for Stationary Battery Systems) provides a modular

board structure and front access with smart component locating topology for the

easiest repair and maintenance with the ability to adjust voltage, current and

timer according to load/battery with automatic charge and boost inhibit options. It

is designed to provide high grade protection level up to IP66 to ensure it works

on every harsh environment conditions, special coating and plating ensures the

resistance of system.



  • Suitable for all battery technologies
  • INDUSTREC rectifier machines work with electronically controlled output
  • characteristic (IU characteristic) and are compatible for use with sealed or open
  • vented lead and NiCd batteries. We invest in research and development for our
  • machines to make it compatible with new other modern battery and energy storage
  • Display: Touch screen display is mounted on INDUSTREC front door to show all parameters.
  • In addition, the operator will be able to change machine settings and configurations
  • in a user – friendly way. LED / LCD display can be provided upon request.
  • Supported monitoring methods:
    • Network monitoring
    • Battery and DC voltage monitoring
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Over- and undervoltage monitoring

INDUSTREC – additional options

  • Programmable automatic boost charge
  • Equalizing and initial charge
  • Parallel operation of several rectifiers with active or passive load sharing Analog gauges (V, A, Hz meters)
  • Battery discharging facility
  • Transducers (4-20mA and 0-10V)
  • Internal Temperature monitoring.
  • Fan Failure Monitoring