Future Energy storage system

The climate crisis is for sure more of an energy challenge, The greenhouse effect relates to the increased warming of the earth’s surface and lower atmosphere that occurs from increased levels of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric gases. The key to limiting climate risks and solving other problems including the end of cheap oil may involve a determined effort to conserve, harvest and store clean energy in safe, energy efficient and price competitive storage media.

Harnessing this energy needs a proper media, during the last decade all R&D efforts concentrated on the development of the Lithium  battery as a means of safe and efficient power storage media, the recent developments allowed to produce energy storage systems using Lithium at a sound commercial cost.

FEFA-Power solutions is participating in this global efforts to provide FESS ( Future Energy Storage Solution ) through usage of various lithium battery energy storage systems. From grid stability in power generation, transmission and distribution to end-user consumption, FESS’s lithium battery energy storage system provides stability and adds value across the entire energy range.

Self-managed LFP batteries with built-in internal BMS provide a safe choice of lithium for renewable energy storage, battery backup, energy transfer, peak jump, UPS, telecommunications, AC coupling, DC coupling, off-grid and grid-connected applications.

Our FESS energy storage system is designed and manufactured to assure the easiness of installation and modularity for future expandability. Through our unique designs, we can achieve quality and reliability suitable for the global renewable energy market.

The FESS system combines a proprietary battery management system (BMS) and LiFePo4, 15.6 kWh modules, and can be expanded for use in microgrids, electric vehicle charging, data centers, and pre-instrument utilities. The scale of energy storage for this FESS family ranges from 32kWh to more than 960 KWH Building blocks, higher ranges can be reached with other product family.

FESS is an intelligent and modular power supply equipment integrating lithium battery and MPCS. According to different application scenarios, lithium battery, bidirectional DC/AC converter, bidirectional DC/DC converter, Static switch and Power management system can be arbitrarily combined to realize grid connected power supply, off grid power supply and off grid uninterrupted power supply, static reactive power compensation, harmonic suppression, and other functions. The system can have access to several energy sources. Utility power grid, diesel generator and to reasonable configuration, scientific utilization, to provide users with green, environmental protection, noise free, high reliability and high security power services.